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With Pitcher's POP Training you WILL



softball pitchers training 





Join nearly 200,000 Athletes Worldwide who are using the
training techniques you will find in
Pitchers POP Training including a 3-Time Olympic Athlete as well as Hayley and Hannah.



Hayley’s Workout = YOUR Success!



 softball pitching workout



Haley performing just one of 25 exercises you will find in Pitchers POP Training



12-year old Haley (above) went from 44 MPH to 52 MPH in a few short weeks using THIS Workout!

From there, Pitchers POP Training was born.




Haley and I are amazed at how quickly she has seen results after just a few workouts and continues to improve after every training session. She is throwing and pitching with more POP on the ball and has really improved her quickness and athleticism due to her core strength. Haley is much stronger not only physically, but also mentally due to the confidence you have helped build. Your positive attitude and encouragement along with your sincere care for the athlete can’t be duplicated. We are firm believers in your training methods based on the results we have seen and will be signing up our younger daughter Madison to train with you.
Shawn and Cindy McClary



Hannah changed her Velocity and Explosiveness after
just 1 (ONE) Session!




Although Hannah has only been to one of your workout sessions, she appears to already be showing results. Her pitching coach today commented to me that a different Hannah came to practice. Hannah's velocity and explosiveness was at a
level above what he had seen before from her. We look forward to her continued development that your program offers. Thanks!

Jim Ricles




So did Former Professional Fastpitch Pitcher and

current college coach Stacy Birk!




After a workout when I worked with professional fastpitch pitchers Stacy Birk and Darcy Wood



“I really enjoyed Barry’s core stability workout! His idea of training on one foot is so applicable for me as a softball player, and any athlete in general. Even after my FIRST SESSION, it was rather ironic how strong I felt pitching later on that SAME DAY!”
Stacy Birk, Professional Fast Pitch Softball Player






With the main focus on CORE/TRUNK and FUNCTIONAL TRAINING with flexible resistance athletes are changing their game after just a few sessions. By creating a PILLAR STRONG and athletic body these athletes are not only throwing with MORE POWER and IMPROVED VELOCITY, but the risk of injury is very low and their





Endorsed by ESPN Coach of the Month
Wes Madrill!



fastpitch softball training 



ESPN Coach of the Month, 2-Time Colorado Coach of the Year, 2-Time State Champ Coach and D2 Central Region Coaching Staff of the Year Wes Madrill endorses Pitchers POP Training and it’s creator, Barry Lovelace.  He mentions a few things below as to why he endorses Pitchers POP Training and plans to use with ALL of his clients.




Wow what a workout? There are quite a few reasons I like the Program.  

1. The workouts are direct and explanations of why and how is great. I feel when working with female athletes there will be two questions they are going to ask: “Why” & “How”.

You do that very well in the DVD

2. I have always been a very big supporter of core work.

3. Equipment -- everyone can acquire

Wes Madrill


If Pitchers POP Training is good enough for an ESPN Coach of the Month, Pitchers POP Training IS good enough for you and your athletes!


Learn the POP secrets from Internationally recognized sports performance specialist and THE King of CORE Barry Lovelace. Nearly 200,000 athletes worldwide are usingBarry’s training techniques, including a 3-Time Olympic Athlete, with tons of success.



Easy to Follow Program


The Pitcher's POP Training DVD will lead you step-by-step with well explained and easy to follow exercises and techniques that WILL produce dramatic and fast results. You will also receive a workbook provided as a PDF file so you can take notes as you watch the DVD.





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“I wanted to train with Barry because I heard great things from his other clients and I wanted to gain a competitive edge against my teammates at school. Barry’s workouts helped me to see results fast. After just 3 sessions I felt a difference in my swing, balance and pitching motion. After 6 sessions I felt myself hitting the ball harder and when I pitched I had more POP. The workouts are efficient and versatile which allow me to incorporate them into my training regimen with ease. I am looking forward to this season with excitement and confidence because of Barry’s dedication to helping athletes gain what they need to take their game to the next level. I recommend Barry to anyone with a desire to gain an edge against their teammates fast.
Freshmen, Division 1 Softball Pitcher


“Hey Barry, I wanted to update you. Julia's team, Northwest/City Line, won District 20 last night, 11-1. Julia pitched. She had 12 Ks in the four-inning game, giving up only 1 hit, and was 3 for 3 at the plate. Barry Lovelace Training rocks!
Donna Roman
Mother of 11 yr old softball player Julia

“I was a bit skeptical when I first signed my daughter up for POP Pitching. I thought it'd be another gimmick to add to our "To Do" list. Barry proved me wrong! Not only has Morgan's pitching gotten stronger, but her confidence has improved as well. She looks forward to going each week because there's always something new, unique and most importantly, fun!

Thank you, Barry, for your encouragement and positive attitude!

Sharon C.


“I attended the Pitcher’s POP Training webinar and my 13-year old daughter has been doing Barry's Pop Pitcher training since November 22nd (7 training sessions so far) and I can tell you that I already see a difference. We went to the cages today to pitch and though we did not clock her, she was throwing with a lot more POP. I would definitely recommend it to the player who wants that extra edge. Thanks Barry!"

Anne Brennan Afshari






ONLY $27.99!  

 softball pitching dvd



Who is Barry Lovelace and why should you trust him? 

Barry Lovelaceis an internationally recognized sports performance specialistknown as ‘The King of Core’ and has been interviewed for featured articles inWomen’s Health,Men’s HealthandMen’s Fitness. As of December 2011, over 125,000 athletes and coaches worldwide use Barry’s training techniques with great success including an Olympian, professional athletes, USANational Team Members and National and State Championship teams. 
He owns the Barry Lovelace Athlete Training Academy located in Catasauqua Pa. Barry has several athlete training DVD's including Training for Volleyball, Volleyball Team Training, Core STRONG 13, Softball Team Training, Core Power for Baseball, and Pitcher's POP Training as well as the exercise video Exercise 4 EveryBODY. 
Barry is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. He is very humble about his accomplishments and cherishes every minute of every day. 
Barry is eager to help others and loves working with youngs athletes. Not only to change their sports performance but also to help them with every day problems they may be having at home, in school or on the team. 
You're in good hands with any product you purchase from Barry Lovelace. 

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